Dr. Henken

Dr. Edmond Henken DDS, MS

Meet Dr. Edmond Henken

Dr. Edmond Henken is a born and raised native of California. He attended Loma Linda University, for undergraduate studies, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, and continued on to Loma Linda School of Dentistry graduating with his Doctor of Dental Science.

He was accepted into Loma Linda University’s Orthodontic program and finished with a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics. His research for his Master’s Degree was with growth and development. He also used his degree in Ultrasonography to help study Micrognathia. Dr. Henken published his work of Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Oromandibular Limb Hypogeneses Syndrome Type 1A Congenital Hypoglassia with Micrognathia. He continues to study and research growth and development and has established an early treatment protocol.

“From day one of my practice, I decided not to extract any permanent teeth whenever possible. This avoids creating air way problems which can lead to sleep apnea. By treating early, we can also correct problem growth patterns which can cripple people for a lifetime”, Dr. Henken states. “this allows me to calculate each of my patients’ projected facial growth, creating ideal balanced faces”.

This orthodontic technique came from Dr. Henken’s outstanding education with his mentor, Dr. Robert Ricketts, who taught him “Bio Progressive Orthodontics” at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Henken understands the important role in establishing proper jaw size, expansion, and alignment. He believes that if the jaws are not properly formed, just moving teeth along with not create a balanced face, balanced health or an attractive smile.

Dr. Henken takes great pride in practicing over 27 years of orthodontics by treating three generations of patients; he enjoys working with his outstanding staff, many of whom have been with him as long as 20 years. He is a proud sponsor of the San Clemente High School men’s and women’s baseball teams, San Clemente Triton Education Foundation, San Clemente High School Varsity Dance Team, Vista Del Mar’s PTA, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, Surfrider Foundation, Sailors for the Sea, and the U.S .Sailing Olympic Team to name a few. His experience and expertise in Bio Progressive Treatment has made him sought after, not only locally, but also around the United States, by world champions, professionals and Olympic athletes.