Our reputation as the most progressive orthodontic practice in the South Coast area is based on two important ingredients.


1.      Our work

2.      And what people say about us


Over the years our patients have given us the compliment of referring others to us and allowed us the privilege of treating other people in their families.  Their confidence is an inspiration to continue to grow in excellence.  Here’s what our patients are saying about us and thank you for your compliment!


“From the beginning to the end, we have been very pleased with Dr. Henken’s professionalism. Besides that, he is kind and friendly and always willing to explain any doubts.  His staff is the BEST too!” – Alejandra G.  


“Dr. Henken and his team are so amazing and really care about their patients!  I always feel comfortable coming in and everyone here is so friendly and welcoming.  I’m so grateful for Henken Orthodontics and can’t thank them enough for all the work they have done to correct my bite and it has been an amazing process and experience!” – Justine R.


“I am so impressed with Dr. Henkn’s office.  My husband was skeptical about “Phase 1” orthodontia, but now we are believers.  It has been easy and every appointment has been very quick. Thank you for a good experience.  We are still early in the process, but I look forward to my son’s beautiful smile!” – Anne D.


“Fia was wonderful!  She walked me through the entire Invisalign process!  Couldn’t have done this today without her and Terri.  Thank you for the encouragement!” – Chandler R.